2LT PAO for SGT Robinson (aka ‘We’re from the Government and We’re Here for your CD Collection’).

I forget the actual sequence of events that led to this young US Army Second Lieutenant sprawled out in my Comfy Chair in Wuerzburg, Germany, but back in those days life wasn’t really all about finding tangible reasons or logical explanations. Life back then was more of a ‘grab ahold of something reasonably solid and see what happens next’ type affair. I was young(er) and midway through a self-styled World Tour that would feature me calling Seoul, Korea and Wuerzburg, Germany home for nearly 6 years, an early lesson of which was that life happened to those who were willing to embrace Whatever’s Next.

And so here it was that this collection of various chromosomes and hemoglobin was taking up space in my favorite chair, all the while pawing through my expansive collection of CDs, in search of The Perfect Songlist. He explained that our Glorious 3rd Infantry (Marne) Division was to celebrate its 75th Birthday, and selections from my music collection were to be the soundtrack. Because Someone Told Me that you were the guy to see about just that sort of stuff, and the entire gang down at Public Affairs desperately needs musical accompaniment for the gee-whiz swell set of moving pictures they have meticulously shot and edited for Just Such An Occaison.

A few days later Young Second Lieutenant appeared at my doorstep, this time sans uniform or any visible form of rank, very much giving the appearance of young person trying to raise beer money by selling magazine subscriptions door to door (another story for another time). I opened the door, we awkwardly encountered each other until the dawn of realization crossed his face that I had no actual idea who he was (‘you look different without your Army Clothes on’).

“We need to replace one of the songs. The Captain said it sounded too much like music for a travelogue video.”

And so today I present just such a travelogue video, documenting a recent trip to Belle Island in Richmond, Virginia. Replete with exactly the sort of musical accompaniment that would raise the ire of Said Captain.

Because the music didn’t make this trip an event; it was the Good Friends that did, creating instant joy of the moment and warm memories preserved for welcome recollections.

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