A Night at Charlie’s

It’s been a minute since I spent some time at Charlie’s American Cafe in the Riverview section of Norfolk. Recently I reset the clock and paid a visit to see three groups and reconnect with some people.

This would generally be the part where I launch into some random collection of vowels and consonants in an (largely failed) attempt to convey the experience of the night in words. Truth is, though, that this particular adventure to Charlie’s wasn’t really intended that way. This night was therapeutic, Fuji Therapy for a despondent soul caught up and swept away in the daily drivel of what’s neither important nor matters.

Maybe it’s the dreary weather that is Southeast Virginia this long winter. Sure we’ve gotten by relatively unscathed in comparison to pretty much the rest of the country, the blinding snow blizzards and torrential rainstorms have largely passed us by. But still, how much cold and dreary is one person to reasonably tolerate before the whole thing starts going slightly off the rails?

So there is was, a Thursday night at Charlie’s. The perfect outlet to spend some quality time with my Fuji with no expectations, no pressures, no silliness.

And no advanced research of the groups playing. The sonic splendor was just going to be experienced, not diagnosed or dissected. Just experienced.

So…..here are some of the things that I saw in the dimly lit sonic play land that is Charlie’s American Cafe. See ya there next time?

But alas, all is not lost. To read and see a much more relevant and complete recap of the night, check out the words and images Jeff posted here.

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