A Rainy Day in Autumn – One Lens, Two Views

Autumn. A time of change.

Summer brings The Outside, the sun, the water, the carefree. It is a time to dip toes in the sand, the waves lapping the shoreline a soundtrack for relaxation, rejuvenation, recreation.

Autumn is the Lingering Hangover. Time to be productive, a Redemption for the Sloth of Summer. A time to return inside, back to our quarantine cave, safe from the evils of the air around us.

But then the Autumn Rain came, the alluring vibe-o-liciousness of the cloudy cool drizzle beckoning both Soul and Spirit. My Fuji and are are not immune; Heeding the call, X-T3 and 16mm f/1.4 in hand, we went forth to capture what existed more as mood than visual.

But because Autumn is a Time of Change, another look was in order. Another nod to the Mood as Visual.

Our city is beautiful as it ponders and prepares for the impending Dormancy of Winter. Seek that beauty and find it in Old Places viewed through new lenses.

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