Art is a verb

I practice art through photography, an interactive process between my subject and me.  Whether that subject is another person, nature, a city scene, or an event, I approach each as a unique and vanishing moment in time, capturing the moment and the memories and emotions it brings.

The outcome of my art is imagery.

I hope that you enjoy viewing the images on this site and that you pause and consider the moment that went into each one as well as the story behind it.  You might have a different feeling, a different emotion, a different view of the story than i did when i captured that moment.  To me, that is the goal of the art of photography.  Every picture tells a story, but in the privacy of our own minds, we are allowed to wander unfettered, lingering over the moment.

If you enjoy my art, consider letting me be a part of your next event.  I relish new challenges and opportunities and promise to treat your special moments in life as if they were my own. Contact me and tell me what you have in mind.  Let’s find out how we can work together to create a living memory of that event through imagery.