An Interview with Anthony Rosano’s Pedalboard


During a recent gig at Froggie’s in Virginia Beach, I sat down with Anthony Rosano’s Pedalboard.  Here’s a transcript of that interview:


James:  First off Pedalboard, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.  I know that things have been busy for you lately!  Can you tell us what it’s like to be Anthony Rosano’s Pedalboard?

Pedalboard:  Really?  That’s the best you can do?  I mean, how long did you think about your opening question?

James:  Ummm….but that is what people want to know.  You are at every show, you’ve been there since the beginning and have a unique perspective that I’m sure would be of interest to us all.

Pedalboard:  Ok, fine.  We’ll do it your way.  You are mostly correct, I do have a unique perspective but it is inaccurate to say that I’ve been at every show.  There are some where I’m ‘not appropriate’ to paraphrase that tall man that stomps the life out of me on a fairly regular basis.AR-0466

James:  Oh really?  What shows have you missed?

Pedalboard:  Mostly the acoustic stuff that he does, he says it isn’t appropriate for the genre to have a massive pedalboard connected to an acoustic guitar.  Especially when he is up there by himself.

James:  Is this something that you discuss, which shows you won’t be a part of?

Pedalboard:  Well since I don’t have any lips, no, I can’t really classify it as a discussion per se.  But he does look at me when we pull up to the venue with that, ‘maybe this time I’ll drag in Pedalboard and go acoustic with effects’ look in his eye but then it passes pretty quickly.  Although one time he did look over at me and say, ‘Next time.  Definitely next time.’


James:  As the years go by, you seem to be getting bigger and bigger….

Pedalboard:  Hey, same to you buddy.  That ain’t exactly washboards you got strapped to the front of you under that shirt.

James:  No, I mean that the occupants on you have grown in numbers.  Let me read you a quote and get your reactions: ‘Ever see a picture of yourself and think…”I should maybe lay off the late night snacks.” or “Maybe I should make some lifestyle changes.” That’s what’s going on with my pedal board right now.’

Pedalboard:  That’s just Anthony moaning about how heavy I am to load out at the end of the night but he’ll never cut down on what’s onboard.  Anthony is what we in the business refer to as ‘A Tone Freak’ so anything that takes up residence must augment the tone.  Pure and simple.  When he stomps, the crowd better be moved or wham, off the board you go.  It is a tough world to keep a place on me.  As to the quote, well, he knows who is buttering his bread.  My future is bright and growing!


James:  Are you surprised by anything NOT currently part of the collection?

Pedalboard:  To be honest, I’m a bit surprised that the Tube Screamer isn’t around anymore.  I heard some mumbo jumbo about using real tubes and such but everybody knows that the only way to get real tube sound is from a pedal.  This whole boutique amplifier thing cannot pass soon enough. Can we go off the record for a second here?  I overheard some talk of leaving me in the car some night and doing the whole show with one guitar plugged into….get this…..a Pignose.  You know, the battery powered one that Slowhand used to record Layla.  Can you imagine replacing me and all my glory with a $80 battery powered toy?

James:  Well, the Piggy is an iconic amplifier.

Pedalboard:  Bah, you’re one of them.


James:  Let’s shift gears a second.  You mentioned that you have been getting some nights off recently.  Where are you spending your time?

Pedalboard:  I’ve got a friend over in Ghent that is having a rough time recently so I’m spending some time with him.  He has a new owner that has a beard, skinny jeans, and a Prius and insists on populating him with basically anything that says, ‘Danelectro’ on it.  He’s a good guy that really deserves so much better, I try to be there for him when I can but his constant moodiness is getting to be a bit of a drag.

James:  Do you have someone special that can lift your mood?

Pedalboard:  At the moment, no but that Box that works at Progressive insurance has caught my eye.  I mean, how strong do you have to be to share the spotlight with Flo and that entire cast of insurance characters she brings to the table?


James:  Back to the music for a second.  Everybody likes to name drop, care to share some of the stages you have called home?

Pedalboard:  Lockn’ Festival was fun, of course those bearded guys in that little band from West Texas that invited us to the Ted Constant Center were a hoot, a couple of times with Tab and his swamp delta-infused blues, Samantha was a rockin’ time, the small stage at Froggie’s, Boathouse Live, the big and little stages at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, and a bunch of other places way too nice to allow you to enter.  Later this year we’re going to take the show out on the road for a bit, details should be available later.


James:  Anything else you want us to know?

Pedalboard:  Yea.  That tall man that stomps the life out of me on a fairly regular basis is up for a Veer local music award yet again, and when he wins, this will be yet another year that he doesn’t mention me and my contribution during his acceptance speech.  Only the carbon-based objects in his life seem to catch much love, never us silicon and wood objects.  But that’s ok, we’ll keep slogging away in relative obscurity.


Photos by James Robinson taken during a performance at Froggie’s in Virginia Beach, VA

To find out more about where Anthony Rosano is performing, buy some merch and hear some tunes, check out his website.

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To find out if Anthony Rosano and his band won another award and Pedalboard gets due props, check out Veer Magazine.   Froggie’s is also up for a Veer award so check them out at the link as well.

Or better yet, witness the Veer Local Music Awards yourself.  Tuesday Feb 12, 2019 at The Granby Theater in downtown Norfolk, VA.  Admission is free, show starts at 7PM.

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