Anamorphic Adventures – Norfolk Edition

The iPhone is a wonderfully useful tool for filmmaking. Small, convenient, adaptable, it is falling easy to hand when I want the equipment to get out of the way of the process. Because it’s Apple, it’s got apps. And gadgets.

Which can present issues for those susceptible to G.A.S (aka, ‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome,’ the insatiable need to continually add to the collection of toys and gadgets). The whole point of iPhone-ography is simplicity and ease of use, adorning the clean lines of the iPhone with cages and rigs and lights and microphones and handles and gimbals can quickly extinguish the flame of small and convenient.

One recent addition to the iPhone Toolbox is the Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens. Anamorphic is a vibe unto itself, hearkening to the days of cinema, of film, of wide screen glory. Flares? But of course, point it into the light and J.J. Abrams pours through the screen.

Here is the first adventure, featuring some of my favorite locations in Norfolk. Shot entirely with the iPhone and edited on the iPhone as well. An entire pre and post production process that fits entirely in your front pocket.

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