Close Focus Photography – A Micro Look (Virtual Photo Gallery)

Close Focus Photography – Not quite Macro, not quite environmental. Probably the most common example these days is food shots taken with a cell phone.

While it is certainly important to let all of our Adoring Followers experience our gastric experiences as accurately as possible, I like to approach Close Focus Photography in another way.

It reveals the details of life.

If Macro Photography is the Atomic layer, Close Focus is the molecule, the assemblage of atoms. The building block of Stuff.

In this post I’m taking a step back from the macro and exploring those things that are familiar and close: My home office and my backyard.

The details of life hold a fascination, I like exploring the Inner Workings of things, to see how everything fits together, how assembly matters, how construction and combination create a great illusion:

When viewed from afar.

Stay Safe in the way you are most comfortable.

The place wouldn’t be the same without you.

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