Ektar Medium Format Double Exposures

Kodak Ektar

Double Exposures? Sure, why not?

To make it a true challenge, I chose my Yashica-Mat Twin Lens Reflex Film camera for this exercise, a camera that doesn’t have any straight-forward way to shoot doubles. So I loaded up a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 Medium Format into this aging beast and headed toward The Brock Environmental center to get some nature shots. Or as ‘nature’ as one can get without spending hours in the Fit.

First run through of the roll was done, all images were underexposed a stop or so (eyeball metering), now for the interesting part: I had to run the roll through again to get the second images. In a dark bag I rolled the film back onto the spool and then loaded it back into the Yashica for the second round of 6 x 6 images on the negatives, hopefully lined up with the first.

And then off to the NEON (New Energy of Norfolk) section to capture some vibe to go on top of the nature. It seemed a logical pairing at the time. I’ll let you be the judge.

Here’s the entire roll from that adventure.

The Virtual Gallery Edition of this gallery is below.

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