F-Log Truth Bombs (and other assorted hits)

Let’s get one thing out of the way right up front:

When it comes to creating imagery (still or moving) gear doesn’t matter.

Well, it kinda doesn’t matter.

Over the years I’ve sworn allegiance (and stacks of dollar bills) to various photography ‘systems’ and ‘ecosystems.’ Back in the film days it started with Minolta, then moved on to Canon. When digital became a viable alternative I made various stops into Nikon and then the Micro Four-thirds systems from Olympus. But my style of photography and my emerging interest in videography presented some challenges to Olympus so again I went in search of.

And found Fujifilm. And haven’t looked back.

My go-bag and kit now consists of a couple of X-T4 bodies and a couple of zoom lenses. Maybe someday I’ll opine ad nauseam as to why that is but remember: Gear doesn’t matter. It is instead a means to an end, a tool that bridges what is seen in the Eye of my Heart to the tangible image that we can all share.

I recently added the second X-T4 to my kit and needed to take it out for its Maiden Voyage to make sure we were going to get along. What better place than the familiar of Ocean View and NEON?

A funny thing happened about 5 minutes into filming though; I started seeing new things in familiar places. The Eye of my Heart was aware of what was always there but never observed.

Was it the new camera? Did it possess some type of Magic Mojo?

Not sure and not looking to find out. Because remember, gear doesn’t matter.

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