Granby Street Revisited

The Riverview Theater

Arguably speaking, the most effective and (coincidentally) concise way to describe Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia is:
It connects The Hilton and Ocean View.

A few years ago Jeff asked me to contribute to a new online publication he was creating, expressing more of an interest in the more visual aspects of my contribution. IE, don’t bother writing anything, just give me some images to use. And of course I complied. Kind of. Sort of.

Ok, not at all.

As to the image part of my contribution to one of my (if not first) articles I decided it entirely appropriate to create some DIY images by shooting film in my Minolta X-370. And I did, providing most of the results from that roll along with a few hundred words. The images survived intact, not all that sure about the vowels and consonants. And alas, any record of that article has been Consumed by the Evil Electron-Eating Beast that consumes all things Accounts Payable; as such, my recollections will have to suffice as Record of Note.


For the revisit post I embraced the spirit of film in that I vowed to shoot what I shot and use every image. And to double down (pardon the upcoming pun ahead) but I shot the images in pairs. First is related to Second, Third related to Fourth, und so weiter.

There is a Boring Technical Description of the method I employed/invented for this series but I much rather prefer the more appropriate yet slightly overused ‘Happy Accidents’ as a manner of technical explanation and/or rationalization.

Because Jeff didn’t suffer fools lightly, nor did he tolerate an excessive amount of Jibber-Jabber from the amateurs in the Peanut Gallery.

French Bakery

These images were all captured on a Nice Day in May, all on Granby Street, and most in Riverview.

Because my soul senses that we keep most of the vibe there.


But enough with the excessive Jabber that is indeed Jibber. Click the picture and watch what happens next.

Jeff’s not here anymore and it is very much on my heart to write some words as to why and what it means. But today is not the day for those words. Soon but not today.

But until then know that you are missed, your memory is honored, we still don’t treat each other right, but when we screw up (and we do that much these days) we try to do it with Love in our Heart and a Song in our Soul.

End Transmission

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