Green Spaces with Anamorphic Views!

Fun Fact: Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia population-wise.

Another Fun Fact: There’s lots of water surrounding Virginia Beach.

First Landing State Park is an oasis of green on the north side of Virginia Beach, it’s a treasured play land for residents and tourists alike. Shore Drive bisects the park, one side has a campground with easy access to the Bay, the other side features miles of walking/hiking/biking trails.

It is our place to play.

And on this day, it was my place to film, pressing my iPhone 11 Pro into service for a couple of hours. There is something uniquely satisfying about creating videos and telling stories with nothing more than a mobile phone.

Well………maybe a bit more. There are a certain amount of Toys required to get everything Just So but the entire thing is still highly portable, just the thing when the circumstances call for Agile and Mobile.

Nature videos and Anamorphic lenses seem made for each other. Today’s lens was courtesy of Moondog Labs. It has a nice warm quality to it that works just right for nature.

Enough words already! Let’s watch some moving pictures, shall we?

First Landing State Park

Get out and enjoy our green playground off Shore Drive. And if you bring your phone only use it for taking pictures (moving or still). Because unplugged is the best way to play.

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