Happy Accidents on the Portsmouth Waterfront

Planning is for amatuers.

If you knew me well you would realize how much of a contradiction that would seem, I’ve always been more of a schedules and destinations guy for most of my life. But that is changing and I can say I’m not mad.

During the last few months I’ve been testing and evaluating a bunch of video and photography gear in the hopes of settling on my ‘go to rig’ as well as reducing the amount unused toys in the collection. As a result, each weekend is spent looking through viewfinders, at video monitors, at false color, and focus peaking, and editing 24 and 32 bit audio, all while exploring that which is local.

On Saturday the destination was Portsmouth to see what I could find. What found me was Mary Veale and The Colonials. Watch the video to see what they are all about.

Learn more about them at their website: https://portsmouthlivinghistory.com/

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