Home – Analog and Digital Edition

Southeast Virginia is home.

Like many who call 757 home, I’m a transplant via the military (this is my 3rd time being in Virginia Beach for more than a cup of coffee), I stay by choice.

The ‘why’ of that is a subject for another day and definitely worth exploring but for today the fact of residency serves the purpose of backdrop for the ‘why’ of today’s visual art project. Today’s project fuses some of my favorite tools in the box, my Nikon F3P film camera and my iPhone 11. One old, one new. Both at opposite ends of the technology spectrum, one is built to last for generations, one is built to last until the next Verizon Upgrade period.

But both fill a role. The F3P just works. I load it up with either Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5+, attach a lens (in this case it was a Voigtlander 40 mm f/2.0) and head out the door in search of what’s good. Because of the photojournalist heritage of this camera (the ‘P’ in F3P is for Pressman’s Edition…..originally sold only to photojournalists. Mine is second or third hand) every roll of film I’ve ever run through this machine has been black and white and developed by me in either Rodinal or Diafine. Both are legendary chemicals that also have a heritage in photojournalism because of the extreme flexibility and forgiveness of each. At a high level here is black and white photography with the F3P: Load it up with whatever black and white is in greatest supply in my stash, set the ISO to whatever seems convenient, attach lens. Point/Focus/Shoot. Repeat until the lever winds no more. Rewind film, insert new canister. Rinse/repeat.

The iPhone is taking on a similar role. It is always with me, it’s always got Filmic Pro loaded up (google it and buy it), and it shoots 4K 60FPS. A slow motion machine that fits in my pocket.

So this weekend I did this. And developed the film (Diafine), and scanned the film, and edited this video.

And I hope you like it.

Stay safe in the way you are most comfortable. The place wouldn’t be the same without you.

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