In Search Of

Content is a funny mistress, alternating between dismissive and demanding. Taming or training the Mistress is out of the question, the attitude sometimes is the message.

So instead, an experiment. This is the first step.

I’m striving to complete one short film each week. Starting with this week. None of these claims a place as high art (or even medium art for that matter), for this experiment the process is the ‘art’ if I’m allowed to co-opt the term for a minute. Let me explain.

My personal path to improvement is through doing. Others are studiers, others are thinkers. No one path is the correct path for all, we must all wander our unique meanderings through the Forest in an effort to reach the clearing. Or whatever destination we desire.

So here’s the first. One week with success being defined as completion. As the weeks go by, it is my humble desire that the quality show more depth, more technique. So with that, the long journey begins.

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