Little Cameras in The Closet

Gear Acquisition Syndrome – The incessant need to add more toys to the collection. Often abbreviated as GAS.

Recently I’ve been telling myself that it is time to thin out the collection a bit, to find new homes for some of the toys that just don’t see as much use for one reason or another. I’ve even dug up the original boxes for most of these toys, just pack them up and ship them off. What could be easier?

But don’t I need to test these out first to make sure that they still work? I mean, that is the responsible adult action, right? And that’s me, responsible adult to the core. So lenses were cleaned, batteries charged, SD-cards loaded and out the door for some photo adventures.

The two cameras tested here are the Lumix LX-100 and the Canon G7X Mark III. At one time each of these saw time as my daily driver, always with me camera. The Canon fit in a pocket, the Lumix not so much but small nonetheless.

Here is results.

The Canon was my companion for a stroll down the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

The Lumix was pressed into service for a wander through the Chelsea section of Norfolk on a hot August day.

So yep, time to get these little guys boxed up and on their way to their new home.


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