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February 16, 2019 – This weekend is the inaugural Norfolk Theater Festival so no music shows or photos this weekend, instead I’m attending two different performances today. So far this event has been stellar, a great addition to the local Arts Scene.

View from the Drummer’s Perspective

If you aren’t theatrically inclined, go out and catch some local live music instead. The weather is dismal but our venues and bands will put all of that out of mind.

Guitar player at The Wanch

Instead of images from a recent show, let me take you back a few months to another part of the world – Hong Kong. This past summer I was lucky enough to spend some time in HK, it was my first visit. While in town I wanted to catch some local bands at local venues and was able to squeeze in two trips. This post features images from those two shows at The Wanch in Wan Chai, one of my favorite venues on the planet.

Aba Taft

The Wanch features live music every night of the week, mostly local bands. Some nights are open mic acoustic nights, others are several bands taking their turn on the ‘stage.’ Actually, on the floor. Space in Hong Kong is at a premium so the bands take up part of the floor, the crowd gets the rest. For you locals, remember Charlie’s when the ‘stage’ was where the bar is now? I still have some images of Isaac Moreno (lead singer for True Body) getting his head bumped by the HVAC pipe over where the bands performed in those days. But it was intimate, the band was right there, you could almost reach out and touch them. And sometimes I miss that connection.

Archer So

The people. That is what makes The Wanch a stellar hang. Not only the people in the bands, but the people that come to listen. The people that just discovered The Wanch that night. The regulars. Music people are the same all over the world, even if you don’t speak the same tongue. The music unites us and gives us common ground upon which to vibe.

People in the crowd
People in the crowd

I miss The Wanch and truly hope to have another opportunity to settle in and experience Hong Kong music at its finest.

Aba Taft
Archer So
Ferdie Faith Ramos

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