New Silicon Bits

Every two years like clockwork My Verizon rattles an alarm that it is time to upgrade my device. Or add another device. Or just load up a satchel with unmarked tens and twenties and point the Fit towards the nearest Verizon Store….

Damn it, there’s a pandemic going on! And we need Cash!

So it was with the Greatest of Intentions that I embarked on my biannual journey of Upgrade and Increased Monthly Payment.

Biannual. Funny word, it actually has two correct meanings: Occurring every other year OR occurring twice every year. So ‘biannual’ is ‘bimeaningful.’ Biuteful.

But I digress.

My Galaxy S9 was dead. Or so pronounced by The Gawds of All Things Ceulluar. It needed to go to Samsung Heaven and find a new form to walk the earth tethered to my face. A suitable replacement would seem to be whatever the latest offering by Samsung, aka ‘Our Batteries Blow Up on Airplanes.’ But 2020 and all that, it seems that someone needed to do something to shake up the karma. So if this all gets miraculously better you have me to thank.

This time the nod was given towards the Bright and Shiny iPhone 11 Pro. After much deliberation and Gnashing of Teeth. Because it seems that Apple needs some cash too.

When one joins the iPhone Club (klatch?) the prescribed baptism is to vlog. Funny deal, I’m pretty sure that my particular model of iPhone doesn’t actually have a front facing iLens so iCan’t vlog with it.

Instead I did this. And just to make it even more fun I edited this on my iPhone as well using the coolest software in the world – LumaFusion.

Here is the first of (hopefully) many #ShotOniPhone

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