No Apostrophe in Presidents Day; or How I Embraced Anamorphic Lenses and Learned to Love iPhone-ography

February 15, 2021. Presidents DayA day to celebrate all past Presidents of the United States. In 1968 Congress was busy passing the Uniform Monday Holiday bill which moved several holidays to always fall on a Monday, thus creating The Three Day Weekend (pat. pending) but during the debate of this bill (who opposed this bill?) there was a move afoot to change the Federal Holiday then known as Washington’s Birthday (the man, not the town) to Presidents Day so that Abraham Lincoln could be a part of the party celebrations. Somehow or other Congress said yes to the Monday thing but no to the Presidents Day thing but We The People felt somewhat slighted and decided that Presidents Day was going to be the reason that we took Monday off in February. And Congress went back to being outraged and making proclamations and trying to get re-elected, a practice that continues to this very day. Okay, well technically not since today is Monday and Presidents Day and a Federal Holiday so Congress is busy doing whatever Congress does so that we can tell that they are not actually in session.

But I digress.

While my corner of the world (Southeast Virginia, specifically Virginia Beach) escaped the ice and snow blanketing a good share of the surrounding geography, by no means could one consider the day as balmy. Rain and drizzle, clouds and fog, cold and wind. All in abundance for a protracted period.

All of these things, the weather, the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill, Abraham Lincoln, and my underused Vimeo account, they were all Right There in plain sight, distractions barring the path to True Productivity. It was in this addled state that somehow I ended up in a Honda Element (the Fit has been repurposed) with a half tank of gas and a bag full of iPhone 11 Pro optics, heading south and east and north and east and south and east and south and west until my feet were terra firma at Munden Point Park.

If you are particularly geeky here’s the rig that I used to capture the mood and vibe: iPhone 11 Pro with Moment Anamorphic Gold Flare lens, Tiffen Black Pro-mist 1/4 filter, B+W Variable Neutral Density Filter, B+W 3 stop Neutral Density Filter, SmallRig Mobile phone rig. All of this was captured with a filming program called FilmicPro at mostly 30 Frames per Second and one long clip at 60 Frames per Second, all in 4K, once it was all filmed the iPhone was once again pressed into service to edit and render the footage using a program called LumaFusion where I dropped the whole mess on a 23.976 Frames per Second timeline, applied some grading, rendered, then exported.

Mobile Filmmaking is truly an adventure.

And here are the results:

But wait, there’s more!

Vimeo and YouTube are the two most popular video sharing platforms, I’ve been dabbling with both. And now you can see for yourself with your very own eyes.

Here’s the same video as seen on YouTube.

For various reasons I’m going to be using Vimeo exclusively for some upcoming projects. It is a slicker interface, it has slightly better rendering, no ads, and it’s more highbrow. Yep, the very act of having a Vimeo account somehow elevates me to Someone Who Has a Vimeo Account status.

Autographs will be signed in the lobby. When we are able to do that type of thing again of course.

I hope that your February Iteration of the outcome of The Uniform Monday Holiday Bill was in line with expectations originally envisioned by those now preoccupied with being outraged and making proclamations and trying to get re-elected.

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