Ocean View – An Homage in Still and Video Images

The Ocean View section of Norfolk is the strip of land that borders the Chesapeake Bay from the Virginia Beach line to Willoughby Spit. It was once home to a pretty cool amusement park that sadly burned down. Gentrification hasn’t arrived in OV yet but the current Mayor of Norfolk believes that it is one good restaurant away.

I’m pretty sure Hizhonor wasn’t trying to slight the many great dining options currently calling OV home. The area is blissfully devoid of the mid-range Chain Food Barrage of Chili’s/TGIF/Buffalo WIldwings/Olive Garden and the like but also largely devoid of places to purchase food in raw form although Harris Teeter has recently opened at the location of the former Farm Fresh. HT is a curious choice for this part of town but then again I’ve never been mistaken for a Retail Planning Genius.

While I certainly hope for nothing but the best for OV, I’m also leery of any attempts at gentrification. A brewery has recently opened its doors, let’s hope that it isn’t followed by the requisite 10 more in the near future. Since Ghent is now officially at capacity for breweries and Chelsea is getting crowded with hops and ciders, there really aren’t many areas left.

Not that I’m against breweries. Quite the contrary, to me they are a critical part of the local landscape, purveyors of vibe and all that. But this is Ocean View. Its current vibe needs to be respected and preserved. The Man has already come to rip Greenies away from us, will the next axe swing at The Thirsty Camel? How long before the ballot measure to remodel the Fishing Pier with a brand spanking new McCormick & Schmick’s sitting at the very end?

In an effort to preserve the memories of what is before it becomes what was, I spent some time documenting the sights.

Enjoy the vibe that is Ocean View. Meet me down there, I’ll be the one behind the Fujifilm Camera.

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