Failing Beautifully – A Conversation with Spirit Gun

‘People don’t want to listen to music with their head, they want to listen to music with their hips.’

‘You feel better when you leave a show because you’ve experienced the music, you’ve experienced the feeling….that’s what life is.’

On this episode Peter Overstreet, Oren Lev, and Stephen Siegel (aka Spirit Gun) talk about their new EP New Eyes, how this group got together, pitfalls of Social Media, and the vibe that is Norfolk.  Check out what they have to say and hear a bit of the new EP before the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “Failing Beautifully – A Conversation with Spirit Gun”

  1. I love this group because they don’t fit into a neatly packaged box. Their musical ability runs the gamut but they stay true to themselves. They create their own songs, and they don’t copy, but they will do covers with their own spin. Very talented.

    1. Spirit Gun certainly has a unique place in our local music scene in 757, each song has its own style. Their live shows kick things up a few notches and is worth the trip out of the house.
      Keep an eye out for the new EP…

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