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Welcome to #mylifeinvirginia

Much like my actual life in Virginia, navigating #mylifeinvirginia is all about the side trips and trails.

The Home page is really a blog, here you’ll find what has my attention at the moment.  In no specific order other than by date.  To help make a bit of sense out of all of this, I’ve provided a map of sorts.  Find the Read About section where things are classified by

Reboot (Misc, Rants)

Reel (Short Films, Videos)

Refill (Food, Drink)

Refresh (Music, Arts, Vibe)

Relocate (Travel)

Remember (TBT, Recall, Relive)

Review (Film, Cameras, Music)

But maps are for those that are concerned about where they are and where they are going.  For the maximum impact, I suggest that you just pick a post and start wandering from there.

If you want to avoid the words, then you can select 

Virtual Photo Galleries

Music Videos

These two pages get updated when there is new content for them.

Good luck, have fun, ask questions along the way.

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