Sunday June 27, 2021

When I write the headline for these posts there is a little widget on the left side of the page that scores my headline on a scale of 1 to 100. Today’s headline is garnering a 30 with a red background. I’m assuming that isn’t the desired result when in search of Bigger and Better.

Which is in itself the very conundrum facing down the essence of this post and its relationship to Sunday. Sunday isn’t about likes and shares and subscribes (but do all of that anyway), it is about Slow and Introspection and Living in the Moment.

On the particular Sunday referenced in the mediocre headline two major events provided the stage and setting: Norfolk Tides Baseball and The Terry Chesson Orchestra performing at Big Bands on the Bay.

The Tides won.

The music swung.

And we are all better for it, a fact that is somehow lost on the Glowing Red Headline Analyzer widget on my editing page. So alas, we limp into Monday with a Mediocre Score but stellar memories of what was, and a promise of what will be.

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