The Elizabeth River

Watch a baseball game.



Listen to music.

Attend a festival.

These are only a few of the myriad activities happening next to the Elizabeth River. Or usually do. At the moment we can’t do all of those things though.

But this isn’t that post. This isn’t a recap of what wasn’t but instead a celebration of what will. Because we understand the meaning of Activities Near the Elizabeth River. They mean connections, they mean communion, they mean cohesive. We sit in stands and collectively cheer our beloved Tides, we stand in front of stages and clap rhythmically to the sounds of our local musicians.

There are others among us that call the Elizabeth River home for very different reasons. So in this season of remembrance, even though the personal memories of a year that wasn’t are painful and uncertain, take some time to reflect. On those that have much less. On those that call The Elizabeth River ‘home’ because there is no other dwelling for them. For in caring and providing for those that have the least we increase the value of our collective home along the Elizabeth River. Not through monetary equity, not through increased resale value but rather through increased value of the heart, of the soul. Of equity in our brothers and sisters, a shared belief that tomorrow will be a brighter day, not because of Someone Else but because of us.

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