the light

As 2020 begins its final approach, an examination of the journey.

This was the year of Solitude; more specifically a search for meaning in that solitude. A search for how to survive in that solitude, how to thrive. The journey was different for all of us, different from each other’s journeys, different from our own journeys of years past.

As is the case with many, my journey was largely a journey of exploration of both what surrounds me and what exists within me. A re-examination of the voice, of its clarity, of its relevance. The journey was filled with experimentation and images both still and moving. It was a journey of jumping off cliffs and licking the wounds from the landing.

And learning. The journey was and always will be about learning, taking chances, finding what works, finding what doesn’t. But more importantly learning about the world around me. What makes us the same, what makes us different, what makes us happy, what makes us sad. What makes us tick.

But the most important lessons of all involve learning how to learn. Learning how to look at the mirror and encounter the reflection of a flawed human, learning how to get better, learning how to take the journey as it comes, learning how to let go and live in the here, live in the now.

Learn how to find solace in the solitude.

So here’s to 2020, the year that pummeled us, the year that challenged us, the year that tore us apart, the year that ripped open old wounds while creating new ones, the year that divided us, the year that robbed our joy, the year that cost us dearly.

Here’s to 2020, the year that did not win.

Here’s to the survivors.

the light

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