This is a test. This is only a test.

Had this been an actual film you would have been given instructions to proceed to your nearest theater.

In this installment of #mylifeinvirginia I went ‘on the road’ with an iPhone 11 Pro and a PolarPro Case with Variable ND filter, full of hope that this combination could find its way into my Bag of Indispensable Tools to Tell Stories. For the last few years I’ve shot primarily with Fujifilm Cameras with the X-T3 emerging as the Daily Driver. And it is solid, I point it in a direction and it does mostly what I want it to do. And gets out of the way for the most part. In other words, the perfect tool for making films.

But sometimes it is much easier and more convenient to reach in the pocket for the filmmaking tool that is always there: The iPhone.

Because of some technical details related to motion and blur and 90 feet of film in a minute (Google it), the Filmmaking Gawds have dictated a specific shutter speed (technically shutter angle but let’s not let terminology be our enemy on a Sunday morning) be used. And that means limiting the amount of light reaching the digital sensor of the camera. Of ANY camera. It’s a bit like the old days when the speed limit everywhere was 55 miles per hour and enforced heavily. Exceed at your own peril and ridicule. But it was mandated and applied to all vehicles equally.

And here it is: a test with the iPhone shooting at the prescribed shutter angle.

These are scenes from Ocean View and Downtown Norfolk during a cool and blustery afternoon in September. Thanks for coming along on this Adventure in Learning.


Not so fast………

One of my favorite YouTube Channels is the TL;DR Filmmaker channel, he gives practical advice about ‘within our grasp’ equipment in an easy to listen to and follow style. His tagline for his website and YouTube channel is

Answers First, Reasons Later, Always Learning

With that learning ‘do first/analyze later’ mentality firmly in mind, I reapproached my video, still in the LumaFusion timeline on my iPhone. Let’s change some things up just a bit.


Here is Version Two. Which do you like better, or do you like one better than the other. And why?

After all, it’s all about the learning.

EDIT [Sept 22, 2020]

Upon further review………

It needed some transitions. And it felt a bit static. So back to LumaFusion for another round of edits. For this round I used AirDrop to bounce the project (including all of the source media) over to my iPad Pro so that I could get more frame-precise cut key framing, something eminently easy with the larger screen of the 11 inch iPad Pro.

Presented here is version three.

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