This Title Makes No Sense and Other Assorted Hits

Today’s post is a bit of a culinary-literary experiment so apologies up front for what is most likely to be a wildly uneven experience, yet one for which I can be held neither personally nor morally responsible. You see, I’ve got a plethora of Vowels and Consonants recently discovered in an underused corner of my office, all of which got dumped into the Word Cuisinart. Push ‘Puree’ and count to one hundred. Dump the results onto a 9×11 lined with wax paper.

And now you have what will undoubtedly become the first post for June of 2021.

Memorial Day 2021. A day of remembrance. And visitation of Small Towns north of Hampton, armed with two forms of video-centric device to capture moving pictures.

Here’s the first one, filmed entirely with my iPhone 11 Pro along with a few toys attached to the Business End of the Telephoto lens.

Poquoson (iPhone 11 Pro)

But why stop there?

Next stop – Smithfield and exploration with my Fujifilm X-T4.

Smithfield (Fuji X-T4)

So what did we learn, what was the Nutritional Content of the Vowel and Consonant Smoothie that emerged from the Cuisinart?

As tempting as it may be to attempt to wax poetic for another few stanzas there are some realities to face:

  1. The Vowel Consonant Smoothie is nearer the bottom of the Frosty Glass than the top, signaling a diminishing supply thereof along with an impending end to the screed.
  2. Sometimes it really isn’t the method but the message that matters. Holidays in Small Towns are a shared experience regardless of geographic location or even borders crossed. I’ve been fortunate to have lived in and visited a good number of ‘diminutive in population’ communities but none that were ‘diminutive in stature’ for we all have some basic values and ideals that we share. Sometimes in different degrees taking different paths but what makes us alike is more than what makes us apart. Indeed the physical distance we all endured for the last year plus has in many ways brought us closer together, to appreciate The Together without physical proximity. To Laugh, To Cry, To Love, To Fear, To Weep, To Mourn, To Hope, To Dream. To gether but apart.

And so the message matters more than the means. Which is better, the iPhone 11 Pro or the Fuji X-T4? Neither. Because what’s in front of the camera, the Real Life that exists there, is vastly more interesting than the silicon bits used to capture and preserve.

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