Escaping the Pasture: Breaking from The Herd with the GIZMON Utulens

5PM on a warm sunny Friday in late October. Capture the soft glow of the afternoon sun before it sinks into the western skies.

Earlier in the day the UPS guy sauntered up to my house and dropped off a box containing the GIZMON Utulens, the perfect companion for a late-day grab and go adventure. The GIZMON has no aperture settings, no focus adjustment, no lens hood, no electrical contacts, no nothing. It just screws on to the business end of my Fuji and off we go for an afternoon of ‘no rules’ filmmaking in Oceanview and NEON.

A quick side note: There are as many rules in filmmaking as there are reasons to break those rules, some of which are grounded in traditions and limitations from a bygone era and largely address limitations in gear and technology at the time. As viewers we have become accustomed to ‘the look’ that these rules create and equate that ‘look’ to correctness and quality.

And there’s really nothing wrong with that, it is good to have a fence around the pasture, a demarcation beyond which exists Danger and Unknown.

But what separates us from cattle is our innate desire to see what isn’t, to explore what’s don’t. Break to see if we can fix. Or if we even should. And break away from the herd, learning more about ourselves and the herd in the journey.

Presented here are my initial adventures with the Utulens.

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