Veer Local Music Awards 2018

Veer Magazine sponsors a local music awards ceremony every year, one of the categories is for Live Music Photographer.  The rules are that the images submitted must be of local artists and taken during the year 2018.  Each person can submit up to two images but the panel of judges will determine which image to use.

This will be my second year entering the contest, I’ve chosen to feature two very talented Blues players for my submissions, Jason Cale and Cole Stevens.

Both of these images were captured at Barbeque by Froggie’s in Virginia Beach, one of the areas most active live music venues.  It should be nominated for Venue of the Year, they do so much to promote live local music in the 757.  Bill and Debbie run a great place and are true friends of local music.

When the voting is live there will be a link to vote for your favorite images.  If you like my work and decide to vote for my images I would be honored but the truth is that there are so many talented photographers in the area that it would be impossible to determine a ‘best’ in the category.  So what we all really are trying to do is draw attention to the subject of our photography, the talent that is in front of the lens, not behind it.  I’m fiercely proud of our local music scene here in 757, we stack up against any other place in the nation and anything that I can do to shine the spotlight on what we do here is truly a privilege.  

So….many…..words.  Here are the pics:

Cole Stevens
Cole Stevens and the Delta Daggers
Jason Cale
Jason Cale at Froggie’s in Virginia Beach

6 thoughts on “Veer Local Music Awards 2018”

  1. Don’t know how you picked just 2! Every image you take at Froggie’s captures such passion. Thank you for making our little place look like a Rock Star!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, I appreciate that! Froggie’s is one of my favorite places to shoot, such a fantastic vibe. Hoping that 2019 brings even more musical goodness!

    1. Thanks, Cole! I appreciate the kind words, it is a great pleasure and honor to capture images of all of you talented musicians based here in the area, wouldn’t change places with anyone!

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