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Welcome to Virginia Beach

‘Well WE like people that shoot with digital cameras…’

Generally I don’t take that bait, my ability to suit up with a ‘my is he dull’ armor and let the challenge bounce harmlessly to the ground is impressive. But… HAS been awhile since anything that accepted SD cards was in my hands. And I DID just charge up a bunch of batteries…

Maybe BB was onto something here.

At any rate, it was Wednesday, my midweek excuse to go Do Something. And on May 6 that Something involved paying a car payment. As in actually driving to the bank and hand the teller a check (google it, it’s actually a thing) along with my payment book. I do this every month, taking a moment to ask everybody how they are doing, I’m doing fine, hey can I get the payoff balance with that too please? The teller smiles, nods, staples, collates, pats me on the head, gives me a candy, and sends me out the door with a ‘Goodbye, see you next month.’

It’s a reason to get out of the house.

Of course, now all of that has changed, now we have to do all of this via the drive-through teller lanes. But alas, they have video cameras and screens so I can actually see the teller greeting me! I drop my check and this month’s pay receipt into the tube and push the button, the Magic of Science takes it up, away, and to the desk of the teller on the screen. I’m telling you, it is all something straight out of Charley and the Chocolate Factory! (PS, although I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan, Gene Hackman wins the prize in the Willy Wonka arena.)

Why hasn’t Neil deGrasse Tyson gone on TV and explained this Magical Transport Tube to us, the Great Unwashed Masses? Why isn’t this something that can transport bodies and Carbon-based Life Forms instead of merely Legal Tender Instruments?

This month was different. There was that gnawing challenge, the sting of the BB words ringing in my ears, a siren, ne, klaxon clanking away, beckoning my dusty yet trusty Fujifilm X-H1 to be my companion for the afternoon of Wanderlust and Fiscal Responsibility.

So witness the results of an afternoon cheating on film, slinking away with the seductive digital consort of ill repute.

The 50-140 tele-zoom was on purpose, it can give new life to things we see and pass by every day. Not a macro but a focus on the pieces that make up the whole.

Click on the image below to see a full-screen slideshow appear.

Below is a Virtual Photo Gallery of this journey…as always, set to music.

And that was May 6, 2020.

Stay safe, however you define that. The place wouldn’t be the same without you.

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