Warm December Weekends

A welcome warm weekend in mid-December made outdoors mandatory. Which means Holiday Markets.

This video features sights and sounds from the Mistletoe Market in Yorktown, Virginia. This market is set near the water’s edge, a perfect setting for arts and crafts and sights and sounds and smells of the season.

Doing the heavy for this video was my iPhone 11 Pro outfitted with a Polar Pro variable ND filter and a Shure MV88+ microphone. Filming with this portable little machine is becoming a true pleasure; it gets out of the way and punches way above its weight class. While it doesn’t quite yet replace my Fuji’s in my go-bag, it is a solid go-to when the objective is more about the experience.

In this case, that experience was arts and crafts and sights and sounds and smells. And people, the vendors at this market were at least as responsible for the vibe and joy of this pleasantly warm Saturday by the water. And maybe that is the point; what unites us does indeed seem to be more than what divides us. During trying times we are all doing our best to make it to the next sunrise, any person that brightens our journey to that end is truly a treasure to be savored.

So our gift to each other this year: Even though it might seem an impossible mission, seek out a conversation with someone you have not yet met. Maybe in the (essential) store, maybe while picking up takeout at a local restaurant. A kind word, even an unspoken one conveyed through a glance, it means the world. And sometimes it makes the next sunrise possible.

Stay safe in the way you are most comfortable. The place wouldn’t be the same without you.

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