WVEC/Verizon Money Grab

I just got an email:

As you may know, we must periodically renew our agreements with TV content providers to be able to provide you with the programming available on Fios® TV.   Our agreement with Tegna, who owns WVEC (ABC Norfolk), WUSA (CBS DC) and WGRZ (NBC Buffalo), is up for renewal on December 31, 2018.

Despite what you may be hearing from Tegna, we’re working hard to reach a reasonable agreement to keep their stations in your Fios TV channel lineup.

Tegna is currently proposing a significant rate increase for the same stations they provide today. The rising cost of programming is the single biggest factor in higher TV bills, and we are standing up to broadcasters like Tegna in order to protect you from rate increases. 

Rest assured, our goal is to reach a fair agreement that is in your best interest and allows you to continue to have access to the stations you enjoy today.

As a reminder, regardless of the outcome of our negotiations, you will continue to have access to these stations until 5 PM EST on December 31, 2018.

For updates on these negotiations you can always visit verizon.com/tegna.

We understand you have a choice for home entertainment and appreciate you choosing Verizon.

There is a similar type thing floating around on Facebook, only this one claims to come from the News On My Side team and telling me how Verizon is the evil empire.

Let’s deconstruct this for a few seconds.

First, WVEC. Not sure if you heard, but Virginia was what is known as a Battleground State during the last election, which means that candidates and PACS were bum rushing every media outlet, $100 bills stapled to their foreheads, begging the Gawdless Liberal Media to take their fill and pump the airwaves full of the drivel of Gloom and Doom portraying the life you will live if my opponent is elected. Are you telling me that you didn’t cash in on that once every 2 years payday enough and how you need to charge more for the ‘privledge’ of reading Facebook to me no fewer than 4 times per day?

And you, Verizon guy. Your email said that you realize that I have choices. Really? Can you elaborate please because unless I’m missing something, Henry Ford offered the Model T with more color choices than you offer. Verizon FiOS, now in Vanilla and (new for 2019) Vanilla. Sure, I can bring over a wheelbarrow full of cash and dump it in your lobby once a month so that I can have faster Vanilla delivered to my house but is that truly a choice? Actually, that is somewhat a lie since you have no offices where I could see a real live human being, or at least one where I don’t have to check the expiration date of my passport to visit.

At the moment, my TV is showing the Colts and Titans play football, across the top of the screen one of the other News Team On Your Side stations is continually running a crawl about how Cox Cable is trying to cheat the common man out of his Gawd Given Right to watch the Golden Globe Awards (just a guess, but the intersection of people that watch Colts/Titans and Golden Globe Awards is almost immeasurable so maybe the Headline Writer had the weekend off?). I think that the local Faux affiliate is also somehow connected to all of this so by the end of the day tomorrow, we in Hampton Roads will be left with only the CBS affiliate to read Facebook to us 4 times a day. If this goes on long enough, we might actually have fewer Battleground State Campaign Ads in two years (shouldn’t that significantly affect the Quality of Life index?).

Hang on a second though. My scorecard indicates that PBS (WHRO) and TruTV aren’t affected by any of this nonsense, leaving intact my long-term goal of non-stop viewing of The Great British Bake Off and Impractical Jokers (which is measures more educational than listening to Chris Collinsworth explain Illegal Formations and the Intricities of the Covered Lineman who Reported as Eligible).

Sadly, this will all end quite predictably with a few more volleys of poison pen emails and screen crawls followed by the sudden whooshing sound of more money leaving my wallet via Verizon Auto Pay of my monthly bundle.

2 thoughts on “WVEC/Verizon Money Grab”

  1. Amen!!! ALL of the local stations got HUGE extra cash, from the ridiculous election ads!
    It ALWAYS comes down to a stupid, greedy pi$$ing contest & “game of chicken” between the local providers & the big distributors, whenever their contracts run out.
    Cox is doing it with our NBC/Fox provider, Verizon is doing it with our ABC provider. They even do it with the satellite systems.
    It’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, in these situations.

  2. So when an unstoppable force and an immovable object collide, by the rules of acceleration, their velocities can’t change, because they have zero acceleration (or retardation, same thing). Thus, one colliding with another will not allow the other object to slow down, stop and change direction.

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